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Workplace Injuries

Injuries at Work

Injuries that occur on the job are one of the more frequent ways that people are hurt. Our firm focuses on what are called "third-party" worker claims. These are injury claims against the party who caused the injury who is not the employer. For example, if you drive from location to location during your workday, and are involved in a car accident that was the other driver's fault, you would be able to make a third-party claim against the at-fault driver.

For all injuries at work, your medical treatment for injuries related to the incident will be paid by Washington State Labor & Industries ("L&I"). Injured workers are not able to bring claims directly against their employer. Instead, a claim is made with L&I, aka "worker's comp", which in addition to medical treatment costs, you can potentially receive income replacement (called time loss) and other benefits. 

If the injuries are serious, it is important to have an attorney evaluate whether a third-party may have played a role in the incident where you were hurt. In some cases it is fairly obvious that a third-party caused the injury, such as in the car crash example above. In others, it can be difficult. For instance, there are many injuries at construction sites. Determining who is at fault among the many different companies involved in a construction project is a difficult task that would require legal analysis.

In the case of serious injury caused by a third-party, it usually makes financial sense for you to make a third-party claim. This is because the compensation available typically far exceeds that available from L&I. Many injured workers have a family to support, and often times the worker will need more financial support than that offered by L&I. We enjoy helping injured workers get appropriately compensated for their losses. If you would like us to investigate whether you have a third-party claim, please contact us.